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Tailored Cards, with everything yout digital payments need

We are experts in creating all kind of digital cards and activating all functions you that your product needs.
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Development and implementation OF STRUCTURED SOLUTIONS

IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT PROCESSING! With the latest technology and an experienced team, we are able to deliver end-to-end digital payments solutions to several industries such as banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and retailers.

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Tailored projects

We are pioneers in issuing chip cards in Brazil. We are always looking for innovative projects. From drawing the solution, to card issuance, card activation , processing, we assure the functions and the identity you wish to your product, so that you can deliver cutting edge solutions to your clients.

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Time to market!

Agility in project development and delivery is our differential . Check out our portfolio of cases, in which OR in which we managed to bring innovation in record time to our customers.

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Integrated customizations

FastPay is fully integrated with state-of-the-art financial and payment technology solutions. That allows us to offer services and products – in a "As a Service" solution – both "off the shelf" or tailored to our client needs.

Fast Digital

Digital Bank Account (BaaS) or Digital Payments Account, which provides services such as: TED (wire transfers), bill payments, ATM withdrawals, P2Ps provided on a white label solution.

Private or hybrid label

We can issue for you Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards and Debits Cards, either PRIVATE LABEL or HYBRID. The first operates only "on-us", that is exclusively on your own payment circuit, while the second operates as private label in your payment circuit and as part of a scheme outside of it ("off-us). Both cards can be connected to your Digital Account.

Fast Loop

You can issue your own branded hybrid card and receive the payment on your own gateway or POS device. It is an on-us and branded exclusive on-us SOLUTION. This product reduces significantly your MDR costs, increases financial revenues, as well as your customers’ loyalty.


This is FastPay intelligence designed to serve our client needs, with unique customizations and parametrizations, allowing us to create excusive products to leverage our client’s products.

Fast Integrate

Our processing platform, together with FastWare, are fully integrated to the technology of our business partners, thus allowing us to stay one move ahead, with a prompt and diversified delivery of our products and services.