Pioneering and innovation in electronic payments solutions.

More than 20 years present in the Brazilian daily life

Our core business has always been supporting and implementing operations in the Payments Industry. We are well known by our clients because of our competence in providing customized services, from the development and implementation of solutions of all degrees of complexity, to data processing and dedicated customer services during each single step of the process.

Everything started as “Fast Card Solutions”, but today our brandname has changed.

A new Fast! A new era calls for changes

For this reason, we could not refrain from following this transition in a different way. Looking for offering everything your company and clients need, we want to go beyond expectations, we are investing more and more in technology with a highly experienced and capable team, in order to provide a faster, more exclusive and efficient service.

With so many changes, our name could not remain the same.

After all, if we offer a complete set of services, we cannot sound only like
a card processor. Our solutions are special and our operations,
extremely fast and safe. For this reason, “Fast Card Solutions” is now “Fastpay”.

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