Sucessfull cases

Our values are innovation, agility and quality. Check some cases we are proud of:

1st Visa Travel Money

In partnership with Visa, in a period in which fraud rate was
increasing, we developed the 1st chip card: Visa Travel Money.

In addition to the existing Visa benefits, this product contributed to the travel of
thousands of people, reducing the risks in transporting great amounts
of cash and assuring greater safety and control in international itineraries.

Accepted in merchants, this card also offers an option for
withdrawal and recharge in different currencies.


When Mastercard sponsored
Copa América, the readiness in developing a contactless card
was essential.

We have been chosen because of our proven background of time-to-market as well as for the quality and safety of our services delivered.

The whole process was accomplished in only 28 days.

Record time! Home runl!


We are proud to have been the first payment processor company to offer services to financial institutions with the creation of an exclusive authorization system for multiple cards.

We took part in the development and contributed to a new culture in managing checking account and credit card using only a single card.

Innovation in DIGITAL WALLET

Using NFC (Near Field Communication), we innovated the digital wallet concept
to bring more comfort and security in data processing to our clients.
We provide an opportunity to our customers to use their cards through
computers, tablets and smartphones.
All of that by using cutting-edge safety, cryptography and certificates of financial market government regulation authority.

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