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Complete solutions for electronic payment methods

End-to-end solutions

We offer complete processing for card transactions.

Before offering our services, our first step is understanding your project and your needs.

Our services cover everything from the design of the solution and capture to settlement of the operation.

Read and Authorization

Consultation of the available limit balance and authorization of the transaction.


Department responsible for fraud prevention, investigation and treatment.

Capture Gateway

Routes, captures, transmits, stores (securely) and validates customer information.

card sale process



Insert the card into a machine, enter the password and wait for approval.


validation of the transaction with the issuer and flag.


After the positive conference, authorization to complete the sale is carried out. In the meantime, the debit and accounting process takes place, operating on a new balance update of the customer.

Card issuers

After processing, the responsible financial institution is already able to view and manage the completion of the transaction, proceeding with its security procedures

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